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A unique heritage

With the love of our landscape and soils, the passion of the vine and wines since 1921.

L’Etoile’s cellar is proud to present our AOC (Controled Designation of Origin) Banyuls, Banyuls Grand Cru and Collioure. Our fonders and precurseurs have transmited to us their passion for the vine and wines and, as well, their cooperation’s values.

pères fondateurs cave l'étoile

After the harvest of 1905, the fathers’ founders, 12 in total, have had as objective to sell their production directly to individuals. This project took place after the Great War (1914-1918). In 1921, the founders were, at last, able to demonstrate their talents within their spectacular cellar.
To proceed with the ageing of great wines, huge barrels were transported by boats from the center of France. These huge barrels wearing the Catalane colors, contemporary of Raymond Poincaré, Jean Jaurès and Marcellin Albert, are still containing today vintages wines many decades old that build up the reputation of our cellar far away from the borders of our region.

In order to ensure the commercialization, cellar’s l’Etoile has participated to famous wines exhibitions and shows, and, particularly the agricultural show of Paris where our wines have been honored with numerous awards. A guarantee of century old quality.


Nowadays, the members of the cooperative Cellar of L’Etoile are the descendants of the founders and they are comited to make their star (L’Etoile) to shine.

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