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Our Protected Designation of Origin...

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AOP Banyuls :

Since 1936, the sweet natural wines are the first to get the Protected Designation of Origin. Our sweet wines are being elaborated with a strict process of an addition of pure alcohol in the course of fermentation. This is how these generous wine, generated by noble variety of grappes are keeping a part of the sweetness of the fruit. The Banyuls requires at least 50 % of black Grenache.
The maturation of Banyuls allows to obtain different balance: very sweet, mid sweet or dry to please all taste. The Banyuls is not a cooked wine or a liquor wine, but a sweet natural wine, with smooth flavours and lightly syrupy. This wine is powerful and elegant.
This wine combine very well with chocolate pastries but as well, perfectly with fat liver, hard cheese and with salted sugared dishes and , as well , with a duck coocked with cheeries.
Intense moments are awaiting you with our Banyuls!
There are two distinct families:
-The young Banyuls with fresh fruity flavors matured in a reduced way.
-The Traditional Banyuls elaborated by oxidization process.

L'AOP Banyuls Grand cru:

Banyuls Grand cru consists of at least 75% of black Grenache and are matured through an oxidation process during 30 months minimum before commercialization. The Banyuls Grand Cru are part of specific designated protected origin to distinguish their excellence.
The L’Etoile’s cellar has a wide terrace where specific types of Banyuls are being exposed to sunlight through glass barrels named “Dame Jeanne”; they take an amber color and a particular flavor, such as the Banyuls Grand Cru “Doux Paillé”.

The variety of grapes to elaborate the Banyuls:
The Banyuls requires a minimum of 50% of Black Grenache, and 75% for the Banyuls Grand Cru. Others variety such as the grey Grenache or white and sometimes Carignan can complete the assembly.

L'AOP Collioure: 

The Collioure is a dry white wine obtained through the total transformation of the sugars in alcohol. Wine of caracter, being declined in three colors, this wine is the expression of our vineyard and of the wine growers: powerful and harmonious…


Grapes varieties to elaborate our Collioure:

Black Grenache, Syrah and Mourvèdre are being completed by Carignan and Cinsault for the red Collioure. The Grey Grenache is joining them for the pink wine. As far as white Collioure are concerned the old Grenache Grey and white are the major variety (at least 70%) with, sometimes, the Malvoisie, Macabeu, Vermentino, Marsanne and Rousane.


The cellar will seduce you with her culinary range of products such as our winegar of Banyuls our wine  Rancio “Al Padri” dedicated to the making of sauces, and when the digestive time will come the delicacy of ou Marc de Banyuls will conquer the most demanding amateur.

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